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Model Wealth Portfolios (MWP)

Model Wealth Portfolios provides the framework to deliver a client-centered approach while maintaining advisor control and enabling efficiency. Focused on addressing client needs through theme-based investing, these portfolios also benefit from technological monitoring, rebalancing and tax management services implemented by the LPL Financial Overlay Portfolio Management Group. In Model Wealth Portfolios, clients will benefit from the simplicity of having one account, one set of paperwork, one fee and one report. Minimum model size varies by strategist and model from $25,000 to $150,000.


With Model Wealth Portfolios, investors can leverage the expertise and resources of LPL Financial Research and portfolio strategists including BlackRock, Cougar Global Investments and Quantitative Advantage. Model Wealth Portfolios offers theme-based investment portfolios for a broad range of investor preferences, from income-focused portfolios to more aggressive portfolios designed with the goal of building your wealth. Each portfolio benefits from the combination of professionally designed asset allocation strategies.

The Overlay Portfolio Management Group provides the added value of ensuring that our clients are always invested in the most current recommended model for the investment objective and theme identified.

Model Wealth Portfolios offers a process-oriented approach to aligning clients’ unique investment goals with their customized portfolio. The process includes:

  • Portfolio construction-selecting investment theme
  • Choosing your investment strategist and investment vehicle
  • Implementation by the Overlay Portfolio Management Group
  • Ongoing account monitoring
  • Regular rebalancing to the target allocation for the model portfolio
  • Tax management services

MWP is offered through LPL Financial, A Registered Investment Advisor.